You can call me Gremlin or Riza. I'm just a random trans lady on the internet. Feel free to explore the site :3

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Random Music that I like

These are random new singles, eps, and albums that I like. Please support the creator on Bandcamp if you liked the music!

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About Website


You are free to inspect the code on all the webpages on from this site (gremlin.neocities). Most of the content on this site is from me making stuff and learning so I don't mind other people learning from it too! All my legally protected content is hosted elsewhere and sometimes I might embed someone else's work, be mindful of that if I embed something.

The layout that pages like this use are heavily modified versions of sadgrl's layout builder.

88x31 buttons used for navigating this website and some bookmarked websites were either made with GIMP (gnu image manipulation program), sadgrl's 88x31 button maker, or sourced from
Most of the buttons from bookmarked websites were made by their respective webmasters.

Credits for audio except for audio from embedded content can be found at

I use VSCodium with the live preview plugin to make and edit web pages while viewing the edits in real time. It's really nice and saves time in my use case.

I made a 88x31 button for this website in case anyone wants it.